Trails & Open Spaces

All Edgewood trails and open spaces are open to the public and are accessible beginning one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset.  Please refer to the below Town Ordinances for acceptable park, facility, trail, and open space use.
Town Property Wrongful Use - ORD 2003-8
Open Space & Trails - ORD 2011-04

Did you know that there are lots of other recreational opportunities in the area?  Here are some of them:

       Carlito Springs Open Space Trail Map
            Milne-Gutierrez Open Space Trail Map
            Sabino Canyon Open Space Trail Map
            San Antonio Open Space Trail Map
            Golden Open Space Trail Map
            OHV Trail Map-Sandia South
            Sandia Mountain Trails

BLM 240 Acre Open Space-Plan of Development


BLM 80 Acre Open Space-Plan of Development